Catherine, I eat pan (bread) at every meal. every meal.

Breakfast: hot chocolate and toast with either strawberry or pear jam (and wrap my piece of fruit in a paper towel to eat between classes)

Lunch: the big meal of the day. usually chicken/sausage/fish with rice/lentils/potatoes and  a loaf of bread.

Everyday at lunch, we watch this Spanish makeover show. Initially, I was not into this show (the people looked fine before their makeover, okay), but I have now become a loyal watcher.

Dinner: usually consumed late in the evening. more like a midnight snack. sometimes pizza or chicken nuggets or vegetables or spanish tortilla (imagine an egg and potato pie). with bread. mustn’t forget the loaf of bread. and a little dessert: yogurt, etc.

my favorite is when we have chocolate mousse for dessert.

yea, so this post is only about food. I miss you both. I’m more than halfway through this program, and right now I’m just kinda taking it all in. Time is such an interesting thing. I look forward to debriefing at nummit soon.




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