wahhhhh one month in 

I’ve been here one month…ahhhhhh. Today I went to renew my phone plan and I was flipping through my journal pages on the taxi ride there. Pretty much every entry starts with “today was a day” or “crazy day.” It’s easy to feel like I haven’t done enough but as I look back on all the individual days I feel like it’s been a lifetime stuffed into one month. 

I love the little things here: the way the minibus slingshots down the road and swerves around taxis, the fifty cent falafel sandwich that is becoming a daily tradition, sitting on the balcony at night as the traffic passes below. 

this post isn’t super elegant but I’m heading out in 5 minutes to go visit  my host family’s old exchange student who still lives in Amman so it is what it is! 

Sending you both peace love and comfort food. What are your go to in country snacks? 


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