still musing in maryland

A list of things I need to accomplish in the next several days:

  1. Buy fun yet serious sunglasses that will accurately express my fun-ness and concern for eye health
  2. Figure out what (if anything) I need to do with my phone while abroad
  3. Get a new phone?
  4. Copy important documents (this sounds serious. Do i own a printer though? unclear)
  5. Call the bank
  6. Deep condition my hair
  7. Momentarily freak out over the fact that I’m going abroad, collect myself, and then continue working through this list
  8. PACK (lol)
  9. Freak out some more, but this time read some inspiring quotes and poetry (keep sending them friends)
  10. Practice some Spanish (lol again)
  11. Return library books

Okay, this became a serious list, and I’m now realizing how much I have to do. Keep me in your thoughts in this time.

I’m thinking of you both.


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