Roman Holiday

dear world// catherine + kayla, it’s incredible to me how quickly the last month has gone by. I find myself missing things about Davidson like summit coffee and late night conversations at the union. This past weekend I was in Rome to celebrate the wedding of my brother and his husband. Rome is a beautiful city if not a little overwhelming. Even as a native new yorker, I’ve always found that Rome has an uncanny ability to overwhelm the senses. At the ceremony my dad gave a little toast. My brother and his husband are famous in our family for traveling all over the world together. From the mountains of Switzerland to the streets of Tehran and everything in between, the running joke is that they are on vacation more than they are at home. In his toast my father repeated one of the most important pieces of wisdom that I’ve ever heard, and that feels especially appropriate for this blog. He read the Nikos Kazantzakis quote, “your journeys are your homeland,” and concluded with the wish/blessing “may your journeys always be your homeland.” And so my friends, as you depart on your respective adventures, know that I wish the same for you.



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