from a rooftop in Amman 

Dear kayla & jules, 

I loved reading your posts. Somehow it slipped my mind to check this blog during the past few days, and I’m so happy to read your updates. They are #pure. 

So amman! I arrived last night. I was super relieved Bc I do not enjoy the being suspended in the air part of traveling. Today was a mainly chill day in which i was really nervous to leave my host family’s house alone, Bc I didn’t have a working cell phone // sense of direction. However. After downloading a bunch of google maps, I took a walk around our part of the city and got my cell phone set up. Seems very small but it felt like a huge victory. I think what gets me through adapting to a new place, language, city, is celebrating the small things. Because they’re so much more of a learning experience here. I am ridiculously attached to my little Jordanian phone, tho I do not know how many minutes it has or how much data I have. But hey: celebrate the small things! Also my carrier has free data coverage for Facebook. 

When I pictured this summer, I didn’t think I’d be intimidated by going off on my own and figuring things out, but today I could hardly coax myself out the door. 

It’s the first step that’s always the hardest. Or the first movement off of the couch, in my case. May your first steps out the door in your summer adventures bring you small moments of joy & remind you of why you thought they were worth taking! 

P.S. McDonald’s has valet parking here and I think that’s pretty great. 


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